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Report: Most Philadelphians want to buy homes right here in Philly

Philly house hunters aren’t looking very far to make their next move

A new Redfin report shows that Philly’s loyalty base is growing.
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Is this a sign of the times? Philadelphians, who have long had a reputation of hating on their very own City of Brotherly Love, now really want to put down roots in Philly.

That’s according to a new Migration report by real estate website Redfin, which found that nearly nine out of 10 homebuyers in Philly searched for houses close to home, a sign that the city may be seeing an increase in loyal Philadelphians.

Specifically, 87 percent of Philadelphia-based homebuyers looked for homes on Redfin within Philadelphia near the end of 2017. Philly ranked ninth out of the top 10 metros of users looking to stay put. Boston saw the most loyal homebuyers, with 91.5 percent looking to buy in their hometown.

Still, some Philadelphians are still eyeing other parts of the country to settle down. Like in April 2017 when Redfin released its first Migration report, Philadelphians who are house hunting outside of city limits are mostly searching for homes in New York and Washington. It goes the other way, too: Philadelphia is the most popular search for Washingtonians, and third most popular search for New Yorkers.

For the Migration report, Redfin analyzed more than 1 million users searching for homes across 75 metro areas from October through December 2017. It’s not an exact science, per se, but the users had to have viewed at least 10 listings during this quarter.

Read the full report here. Its interactive map lets you choose the point of origin or the destination and see where people are looking to buy.