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What are you paying in rent in Philly?

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Philadelphia skyline Photo by Melissa Romero

A recent report showed the median one-bedroom rent in the Philadelphia area was up just 2.2 percent from winter 2017, and the median for two-bedrooms was flat. Philly still remains one of the nation’s 20 most expensive rental markets, however.

Which got us to thinking: What are you paying in rent right now?

A market report can only really give a bird’s-eye snapshot of things. What is the reality on the ground, especially as spring approaches and leases start turning over?

Perhaps your rent has spiked recently amid Philly’s notoriously tight supply and growing population. Or maybe it—like the median for two-bedrooms—has been pretty much steady year to year.

Sound off in the comments section below. Your fellow tenants and prospective tenants will appreciate!

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