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Photos: Checking in on the Hale building’s restoration

The “monstrosity” of Chestnut Street is really shaping up

The restoration of the Hale building is well underway.
Photos by Melissa Romero

Once dubbed the “monstrosity” of Chestnut Street, the Hale building is really shining these days.

For nearly a year, the quirky, ornate building at Chestnut and Juniper Streets in Center City has been undergoing a major restoration with plans to turn it into a co-working space with a ground-floor restaurant.

The restoration process has been on full display for passersby, with the building looking different day by day. Perhaps most impressive is the reveal of the front’s facade, which had long been covered up by a non-original storefront for Valu-Plus. Now, the original facade has resurfaced, complete with a new, glassy entrance.

The Hale was designed and built in 1887 by Willis G. Hale, the same architect who would go on to design the Divine Lorraine on North Broad. It was originally used as office space, then spent some time as a theater and a Turkish bath house. From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, though, it fell into decay with first-floor retail and the rest of the floors left vacant.

Developer Brickstone Realty then purchased the building and began redeveloping the property in early 2017.

Along Juniper Street, the restoration of the windows is also underway. New windows have been installed, with some now adorned with copper. The future entrance to the co-working offices is also located on this side of the building.

The interiors of the Hale are still a work in progress, but when all is said and done the upper floors will be home to Spaces, a co-working venture. The ground floor will be home to two restaurants, including the Hale, which will be a coffee spot, and sports bar Warehouse Bar & Kitchen.

Here’s the latest look at the building. Head over here for full coverage on the Hale.

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