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Philly mural of an eagle clipping Tom Brady wants to become permanent

“The more we raise, the bigger the bird”

Philly has, literally, thousands of amazing murals. But if we had to pick just one to see right now, it’d be this one: Meg Saligman’s latest mural of an eagle clawing at a tiny Tom Brady, dubbed “Bird Feed.”

Even more, Saligman’s now-iconic work of art is not exactly permanent.

Here’s the backstory: Saligman, who is behind many murals throughout the city, painted the mural on the side of her studio at 829 Bainbridge Street in South Philly, days before the Super Bowl. It became an instant hit, for obvious reasons.

But now, BillyPenn reports, given the fact that the Eagles are officially Super Bowl champs (for the first time ever), Saligman wants to create an even bigger and better—and permanent—version of the “Bird Feed” mural. She has since launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise about $60,000 to do so. “The more we raise, the bigger the bird,” Saligman writes, and the $60K would allow a five-story-tall mural.

Of course, in order to create such a large mural, Saligman needs a big building: “If you own a giant building and are interested in featuring this painting, let us know. The city will love you with unrivaled passion.”

At the time of publication, the campaign had raised $1,745.

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