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Time lapse video captures Broad Street celebration after Eagles Super Bowl win

Relive the magic in one minute

A timelapse video captured the Broad Street celebrations after the Eagles’ win from start to finish.
Courtesy of the Brownstein Group

Philly has been in the national spotlight this week not just for the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win, but for the celebrations that took place all over the city after the big game. Of course, Broad Street was one of the main places to be that night, with thousands of people flooding the main boulevard to party all night.

The scenes—flipped car, fireworks, pole-climbing and all—were captured and shared far and wide, whether it was through the news or social media. Yes, it was a long and memorable night.

And now, you can relive the magic without the crowds, thanks to this time lapse video that captured the Broad Street bash from start to finish. The Brownstein Group, the oldest independent ad agency in the region, set up a camera in their office high above Broad and Walnut streets to capture 15(!) hours of footage from the night, and collapsed it all down to one minute.

Oh, what a night.