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6 Philly transportation projects receive $7.3M in funding

More bike share stations, improved trails, and more

The Philadelphia Museum of Art and five other Philly transportation projects received $7.5 million from PennDOT.
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Philly just secured more than $7 million from PennDOT to go toward fixing and improving Philly’s streets, trails, and more.

Governor Tom Wolfe made the announcement on Thursday, although you’d be forgiven if you missed the news because, well, a huge celebration was underway in Philly that Wolfe himself attended.

The recently awarded funds are part of PennDOT’s Multimodal Transportation Fund. In total, PennDOT made a $41.5 million investment for 45 projects all throughout Pennsylvania. Apparently 222 projects applied for the funding.

Here are the six Philly projects that received funding:

Adams/Summerdale and Roosevelt Boulevard ($1.1 million)

Philly’s Streets Department will use the funds to improve the “intersection geometry” of the southwestern corner of Adams and Summerdale Avenues and Roosevelt Boulevard. This particular corner is not currently friendly for pedestrians and vehicles.

New street at uCity Square ($1.5 million)

These funds will go toward building a new street on the former University City High School site, which is now the future campus of the mixed-use innovation district called uCity Square. The street will link a future street grid including 37th, Warren, and Cuthbert Streets to Market Street.

Logan Point Roadway ($1 million)

Logan West Associates received $1 million to improve Logan Point Roadway, a site at Logan Triangle in North Philly. Logan Triangle is preparing for redevelopment that will completely rebuild 9th Street and Wyoming Avenue, which are arterial access roads.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art ($3 million)

As the art museum’s big renovations continue, it will use the $3 million from PennDOT to make improvements to Anne d’Harnoncourt Drive, including: new multimodal connections to Kelly Drive, a new school bus entrance for student visitors, improved mass transit stops, permanent ADA ramps, and re-engineering of vehicular and pedestrian connections and traffic flow. One of the major goals is that these improvements will encourage pedestrian and bicycle use around the museum.

Improvements to Bartram’s Mile ($183,750)

Bartram’s Mile is barely a year old, but these funds will help make even more enhancements to the trail, including a new irrigation system and the site’s landscaping.

More bike share stations ($567,774)

Indego’s expansion forges ahead: The City of Philadelphia will use these new funds to install 21 more bike share stations in strategic transit hubs throughout Center City.

uCity Square

Filbert Street, , PA 19104 Visit Website

Bartram's Garden

5400 Lindbergh Boulevard, , PA 19143 Visit Website

Philadelphia Museum of Art

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