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What do you love most about Philadelphia?

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In the foreground is a river and highways. In the distance is the skyline of Philadelphia with many tall city buildings.

Spring is almost here—we’ve gotten a taste of it recently—and with its formal arrival later this month will come a lot more outdoors time and a lot more interaction with the built environment and the streetscape.

That leads us to our latest open thread: What’d you love the most about Philadelphia? Maybe it’s the parks. Or the museums. Or, heck, even the public transportation in a love-to-hate sort of way.

It could be an aspect of the region’s climate, or the makeup and the moxie of its people. Or do you just really, really dig Louis Kahn?

There is the history, too. So much history.

What will get you out of the house this spring? What’d you love most about being here? Sound off in the comments section below.