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City council considering bike lanes in Fairmount park, Parkside Ave.

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Council members will discuss at an upcoming meeting

New bike lanes may be coming to Fairmount Park on the suggestion of City Councilman Curtis Jones last week.

The proposal, which was put forth at a Thursday council meeting and hasn’t been decided on, suggests installing bike lanes on Lansdowne and South Concourse Drive from Sweet Briar Drive to 41st Street Drive, a half-mile stretch in Fairmount Park near I-76. It also suggests removing parking along the area.

A second part of the proposal suggested installing bike lanes along Parkside Avenue from North 53rd Street to Bryn Mawr Avenue—an approximately half-mile stretch, which sits along the park border.

Philly’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS) worked with Jones and Parkside residents to draft the legislation, PlanPhilly reported. They said Jones proposed the resolution due to safety concerns for bikers in the area.

The proposal is expected to be voted on during an April council meeting.

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