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Philly’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival, in Instagram photos

The festival runs through Sunday

Photo by Melissa Romero

This spring, everything seems to have come together for a beloved Philly tradition.

Peak cherry blossom bloom is expected Thursday, along with sun and warm weather (up into the 70s later this week), meaning near-perfect conditions for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Fairmount Park.

The 2018 Subaru Cherry Blossom festival, which started Saturday, runs through Sunday the 15th of April at Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens and features a variety of activities for kids and adults. There’s a sushi making class Wednesday afternoon, followed by a competition on Thursday, a kaiseki dinner—a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner—is held Friday, and a Cherry Blossom 10K run is on Saturday. The whole festival finishes off with Sakura Sunday, a day full of live music, dance and martial arts performances.

While the events are a big draw for many Philadelphians, the real attraction is the cherry tress, which burst into bright pink and white bloom, heralding in the spring every year. Take a look at some of the gorgeous photos visitors have already snapped of the festival and trees this year.

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