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Construction expected soon on design-centric workspace atop Suburban Station

They’ll spend the summer constructing the space

Bond Collective

Change is coming to Suburban Station soon in the form of a 25,000-square-foot co-working space, which will be constructed at the station’s top floor this summer.

The space, called Bond Station House, is being developed by Bond Collective, a design-centric workspace company. The company just announced plans to start construction on the space in the next few weeks, and said they’ll likely have it finished and ready for move-in by the fall.

The New York-based company currently has five locations in their city, with offices that and businesses can rent out. They recently got $50 million to expand to 30 locations and set their sights on Philly for the first new development.

Courtesy of Bond Collective

In this case, a lot of inspiration for the development comes from Suburban Station’s iconic exterior, says Bond Collective’s director of design Elide Grabowski.

“It’s really going to pay homage to the grandeur of the original building,” Grabowski said.

The plan includes a top-floor lobby and reception area with green and pink marble, along with fluted concrete walls throughout the space. A full mezzanine and catwalk will look down over the lounge and long, “glamorous” chandeliers will hang from the ceiling, Grabowski said. There will also be roof access, plenty of windows and 11-foot-high ceilings.

Currently, the space is an empty shell, so there’s a fair amount of work to do to transform it into the 45-office working space that it will become.

According to Bond Collective Chief of Staff, Carly Moore, those offices will be able to be customized to create larger suites. Overall, she says they plan to have 274 desks in the top floor area and rent them out at around $500 a desk.

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