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Philly Real Estate Week hopes to bridge information gap

To bring urban planning information to the public

A first annual Real Estate Week is coming to Philly this spring, and with it, organizers are hoping to bring lesser-known information on urban planning, home ownership and the structure of the city to the public.

The week, which will be held June 4 through June 9, is being organized by Better Than Success—a media company that frequently works on real estate ventures—with Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, says Better Than Success’s founder, Nicole Purvy.

“It’s a celebration of all things real estate,” Purvy said. “I wanted to start a week to bridge the gap between investors and everyday Philadelphians.”

The week will feature a different theme every day with two events per day, Purvy says. Monday is an urban planning day, Tuesday is home ownership, Wednesday is residential and commercial investing for beginners, and Thursday is advanced residential and commercial investing. Friday will be a wholesalers and realtor’s bootcamp, Purvy said. Most of the events are free to the public.

She said they’ve gotten a lot of help from developers and various organizations. The Planning Commission is providing the curriculum for the urban planning day, and developers Allan Domb and Bart Blatstein have both signed on to speak during the week.

Purvy said the week will be a boon to many Philadelphians who are looking to buy homes but want to know more about the layout and development of their city before they do. It’s also for those who want to make the step into investing and need information on how to go about it.

There will be a community open house to discuss the week on May 9 at Better Than Success’s offices on 2930 Jasper Street in Port Richmond, Purvy said. They also plan to release a full agenda within the next week.


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