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Weekend roundup: SEPTA changes, construction, and more

A regular look at how your weekend transit will be affected


Welcome to the first installment of Curbed Philly’s new Weekend Transit Roundup, where we look at all the events, closures, and transportation issues that could affect how you get around each weekend. This weekend promises relatively good weather—at least on Saturday when it’ll be in the 70s—so expect people to be out and about.

Also, make a note: This weekend is the last one you have to buy SEPTA tokens. Sales end at all SEPTA stations officially on April 30, and fares for the KeyCard increase to $4.95 on May 4.

Weekend events: Food, arts, and a parade

This weekend brings some sun and the first real hint of spring—finally! So it’s prime time for outdoor festivals and activities.

On Saturday morning, the popular Philly Science Festival comes to a close, but not before holding a big science carnival from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the parkway. Get there by walking from the City Hall Station or by taking a bus—the 38, 32 and 33 busses will all drop you off at the Franklin Institute.

Saturday afternoon promises more excitement in Fairmount with the Arts Crawl on Fairmount Avenue. Artists will be showcasing their work up and down the street and the event is expected to bring in about 4,000 people (so be prepared for congestion). If you want to make it to the art crawl, your best bet is to take the Broad Street Line to the Fairmount Station.

The Art Museum neighborhood isn’t the only one that will see an influx of people this weekend. Passyunk Avenue is expected to see big crowds for their Flavors on the Avenue event Sunday. Nearly 30 restauranteurs will come outside to sell food, beer and wine on the street from Dickinson down to where Passyunk meets Broad. If you want to make it there, catch the Broad Street Line to Tasker-Morris and walk over to Passyunk.

Expect a big event Sunday with the Carnaval de Puebla, which will see marchers travel from 16th and Moore Streets, up to Washington, and then over to 4th Street around noon. Those roads will undergo a “rolling closure,” meaning they will be closed only for the period that the parade goes by.

Sports: The Phillies and a relay

Those riding the Broad Street Line should get ready for crowds this weekend, when the Phillies go up against the Atlanta Braves at Citizen’s Bank Park on Friday and Saturday evening, and on Sunday afternoon.

If you’re traveling in the University City area this weekend, you may see more people than usual. That’s because the beloved 2018 Penn Relays—the oldest annual relay meet—is ending its three-day race Saturday. People will be going to see the meet at Franklin Field, which is just a quick walk from the University City Station.

Roadwork: Resurfacing and restoration

It wouldn’t be spring without some road projects and Philly’s got a few underway. First, watch out for the street resurfacing project on Buist Avenue, Lindbergh Boulevard, and Mario Lanza Boulevard, which is expected to restrict parking. The project runs between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. every night until May 11.

Also, there’s a VisionZero project on South Broad Street near the Walnut-Locust station. It’s meant to improve pedestrian safety, but could cause some congestion while under construction.

Finally, a long-awaited project to resurface and restore Lincoln Drive between Ridge and Wayne avenues kicks off on Monday. Drivers can expect some lane closures, but minimal delays during the day, according to the Philly Streets Department. However, they should get ready for total road closures from 9p.m. to 6 a.m. The project is expected to finish in 2019.

Public transit: Schedule and track changes

SEPTA riders can expect a few changes to their schedules as well, starting with the Trenton Line, which is getting a special schedule this weekend. Those planning on using the Trenton Line should expect inbound trains to leave earlier than normal. SEPTA has a rundown on the details of the changes.

Also, some regional rail riders should get ready to use a whole new schedule starting Sunday. More details on the schedule can be found on SEPTA’s website.

Finally, ongoing construction means some MFL and BSL riders will have to board different tracks. According to SEPTA, MFL riders should board all trains on the westbound platform at 15th, 13th, 11th and 8th street stations this weekend.

For the BSL, all trains have to board on the southbound tracks at Lombard-South, Ellsworth-Federal, and Tasker-Morris stations starting at 9 p.m. every night.

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