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Phillies want to bring security barricades to Citizens Bank Park

If the bill passes, the barricades could go up this summer

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The Phillies hope to guard against potential terror attacks at their south Philly stadium by installing bollards and permanent, as well as removable, barricades outside.

The idea was proposed as a bill during a City Council meeting last week by Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. It suggests authorizing the Phillies to install the structures as a preventative measure against terror-related attacks involving cars or trucks.

The bollards would go around the perimeter of the park and would sit at least 1.5 feet from the curb, according to the bill. The pillars will be waist-high but the Phillies plan to beautify them with grass and shrubs, according to PlanPhilly.

The decision comes after a spate of terror attacks around the country—and world—in the last year; the most recent happened in Toronto in late April. The attacks have left many cities shaken, and Philly’s certainly not alone in turning to architecture for an answer. New York City, which suffered a similar attack in 2016, has launched a plan to bring in permanent, preventative bollards around the city.

If the bill passes, the Phillies hope to start installing the barriers this summer, according to PlanPhilly.

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