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City opens two trail projects near Tacony Creek Park

The projects connect sections of trails around the park

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department

The city celebrated the opening of two portions of their Circuit Trails last week, which—when finished—will bring 800 miles of walking, biking, and running trails to the greater Philly area.

In a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, officials celebrated the completion of the first phase of the Frankford Creek Greenway—a section of trail running from Aramingo Avenue and Wheatsheaf Lane to Delaware Avenue and Lewis Street, according to a statement from the city.

The 1.2-mile stretch, which cost $1.4 million to complete, is just the beginning. When the Frankford Creek Greenway is finished, it will create a connection between the Tacony Creek Park Trail, and a nearby section of the East Coast Greenway, a massive walking and biking trail that runs from Maine to Florida.

The ceremony also celebrated the completion of Tacony Creek Trail’s phase 2, which sees the two halves of Tacony Creek Park connected via a .3-mile pedestrian trail under Roosevelt Boulevard. Previously, the boulevard cut through the park, making it difficult (and dangerous) for bikers, runners, and walkers to make their way through the park. This section of the trail broke ground in December, and was completed earlier this year.

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department

“These segments are opening important connections and access for these urban communities to the Delaware riverfront and other amenities, both here in the neighborhood and soon well beyond,” Patrick Starr, Vice-Chair of the Circuit Trails said in a statement.

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