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SEPTA Key Cards will soon be available for some Regional Rail riders

The “Early Adopters” SEPTA program will allow some Regional Rail riders to load their key card with the monthly regional fare.

Passengers boarding a SEPTA train in Philadelphia
Passengers boarding a SEPTA train in Philadelphia
Gregory Adams/Getty Images

The reloadable, reusable SEPTA Key Card is continuing its takeover of Philly’s transit system by making the service available for some Regional Rail commuters.

SEPTA is rolling out the new “early adopters” program on July 20, which will bring the Key Card to Regional Rail riders. With the program, riders traveling to and from 19 specific Zone 4 Regional Rail stations, will be able to load a reusable Key Card with the monthly pass (allowing them to forgo the need to buy one of those arguably flimsy transit passes).

Regional Rail riders can either buy a new Key Card and load it with the monthly pass, or load a card they already own, according to SEPTA.

However, there’s a slight catch (for now). Riders won’t be able to buy the Key Card loaded with a monthly Regional Rail pass from existing fare kiosks yet. They will only be able to buy it at Regional Rail offices in Center City Stations, and from mobile fare kiosks, which will visit the select 19 Regional Rail stations.

The move is part of SEPTA’s plan to make the Key Card the go-to option for people looking to regularly (or even semi-regularly) use public transit. The card is a plastic, reusable device that costs nearly $5 and can be reloaded at kiosks in subway stations. It can also be registered to protect the balance in case of loss or theft, SEPTA says.

The Key Card officially replaced the—somewhat—beloved tokens in April.

SEPTA officials say they plan to eventually expand the Key Card usage to all Regional Rail zones, and to make it available for purchase at existing kiosks.

For now, here are the rail lines and stops that will participate in the early adopters program:

  • The Landsdale/Doylestown line, including Doylestown, New Britain, Chalfont, Colmar, Fortuna, 9th Street, Lansdale, Pennbrook, North Wales, Delaware Valley University and Link Belt.
  • The Trenton Line, including only the Bristol stop.
  • The Paoli/Thorndale Line including Thorndale, Downingtown, Whitford and Malvern.
  • The West Trenton Line including Yardley, Woodbourne and Langhorne.


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