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What changes would you like to see to SEPTA’s bus system?

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This is Friday Open Threads, where you tell us what you want to see out of your city.

Welcome to our revival of Friday Open Threads, where we turn to you for input on some of Philly’s most hot-button issues. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to see more of in your city.

Recently, SEPTA published a report by private firm, Jarrett Walker and Associates, which detailed ways they could combat their bus system’s declining ridership. SEPTA has lost 33 million trips over the past five years, an issue that the firm says may be due in part to lower gas prices and the prevalence of ride share options in the city.

After a year-long study, the firm suggested doing away with the $1 transfer fee, making the bus map more legible and accessible, and allowing boarding on all doors. They also suggested moving bus stops farther apart (to cut down on congestion) and getting rid of duplicative routes.

That’s all well and good—and SEPTA plans to go over the options—but we want to hear from you. What would make you use the bus more frequently? How do you think they could improve their system?

More doors to board? Cleaner stops? Cut down on the number of routes? We’re leaving it up to you. Let us know in the comments.