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Farmhouse-style Abington home with wrap-around porch asks $335K

The home is sunny, with three beds and two baths.

Michael Eckstrom - MJE Photographic

There are several good things to note about homes in Philly, but possibly chief among them (or at least pretty high up there) is the variety you can find in the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

This three-bed, two-bath home north of the city, in Abington, is a prime example. The home just re-listed for the first time in seven years, and a series of renovations and upgrades have hiked the price up by nearly $100,000, to $334,000.

But for many, the price hike (and renovations) might be worth it. the sunny home opens with a hardwood floor, wrap-around porch, which leads into a foyer and living room, both ofwhich hint at the home’s rustic, almost farmhouse-like style. The dining room and kitchen echo that with farm doors and a grey tile backsplash.

Upstairs, the master bed features new flooring and a nearby, renovated bathroom with marble tile and a sleek, white tub. The 2,000-square-foot place was built in 1825.