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The Oval’s 2018 opening, in Instagram photos

Philly’s annual pop-up park that shuts down part of The Parkway, to allow pedestrians to play, just opened this weekend to Philadelphians’ delight.


The long-awaited Oval+ returned to The Parkway this weekend, bringing with it, music, food, a giant sandbox, and frankly, just a lot of places to hang out in the summer sun.

The annual pop-up park, which is in its 6th year now, will see Eakins Oval, and a stretch of The Parkway—between 20th Street and Art Museum Drive—shut down until mid-August to make way for a pedestrian-friendly space. There are food trucks, a misting pavilion, tons of murals, and a giant sandbox.

This year, the neighboring Barnes Foundation also got in on the action, setting up “The Canopy,” a lounge and play area, which complements The Oval+.

While this year’s Oval+ had a somewhat bumpy start—they had to close Saturday due to rain—it’s already seen a ton of visitors. Check out the first impressions in Instagram photos below, and tell us what you want to see from this year’s Oval+ here.

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Eakins Oval

Eakins Oval, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Barnes Foundation

2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, , PA 19130 (215) 278-7000 Visit Website