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Inside The Laurel at Rittenhouse Square

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The high-rise is scheduled to break ground in September or October, delivering condos that reach 9,000 square feet at $15 million.

United Landmark Associates

The long-awaited plan to bring a 48-story luxury apartment tower to Rittenhouse Square is finally getting underway, with a groundbreaking coming within the next three months.

In anticipation of the groundbreaking, developers The Southern Land Company have released renderings of the inside of the much-anticipated space, which they say will blend luxury and comfort.

The tower, dubbed “The Laurel” is ahead of its original schedule; just a few months ago developers said they planned to break ground on the place next year. The building will go in at what is now a vacant lot on 1911 Walnut Street, bringing retail on the first few floors, rental units on the next 20 floors, and high-end condos at the top of the building.

Additionally, a pedestrian bridge over Moravian Street will connect the tower to another new construction, which will hold parking and retail.

While much attention has been given to the glass exterior and height of the building since it was first proposed nearly three years ago, the interior has been less frequently discussed. That is, until last week, when Southern Land Company released updated renderings of the lobby, the amenity story on the 26th floor, and the condos.

The lobby of the tower will feature three textiles—metal, wood, and marble—in a contemporary design.

“(The lobby) really gives people an indication of how luxurious we want to make it,” Brian Emmons, Development Manager at Southern Land Company said. The key word for the lobby, and the rest of the interior’s style, is “timeless.”

“Timeless, but warm and inviting.”

Part of that inviting feel could come from the massive, floor-to-ceiling windows around the lobby and other stories, which Emmons says will fill the space with natural light and give the building the feeling that it’s, “an extension of the park and neighborhood.”

Upstairs, the 26th floor will be devoted entirely to amenities, with a club room, a bar, a conference room, and a fitness center. A pool will take up part of the floor in a room surrounded entirely by glass, with views of the city skyline.

The plan for that floor has undergone a pretty major change recently, Emmons said. Originally, they had planned to put the pool on the side of the building where there was a terrace, but decided to move the social area to that space as well, figuring that more people would be likely to use the social room and the adjoining terrace.

United Landmark Associates

The luxury design is fitting for the mostly residential space. The upstairs condos start at 1,700 square feet for $2.4 million, and reach 9,000 square feet for $15 million.

Southern Land Company is applying for a building permit next week, and they have already opened a sales office, which has generated a lot of positive response, Emmons said. He expects the groundbreaking to happen in September or October.

1911 Walnut

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