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Unique Northern Liberties trinity asks $360K

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The kitchen is a must-see

Joe Alfaro, Via Keller Williams Realty

It’s no secret that Philly has a lot of Trinity homes with a lot of different interior styles. Some are sleek and contemporary, others bright and airy (just check out the variety in these listings from last year).

But in some cases, like this three-bed home at 1022 North Orianna Street, that style can be really unique.

The home, which just dropped on the market for $359,000, brings a bunch of interesting elements to the traditional style. It opens into a living room with hardwood floors, a splash of exposed brick and a fireplace, with some exposed wood ceiling beams to really round off the rustic look.

That look changes as soon as you enter the kitchen, which features tile floors, a wood kitchen island, and—the star of the show—a silver, faux tin ceiling.

The upstairs bedrooms feature skylights, slanted ceilings, and access to the roof. A master bedroom on the second floor even has a second fireplace. The home, which was built in 1918, was last listed in 2014. It’s undergone a price hike of about $45,000 since then.