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Fitler Square garage may be turned into private daycare

Complete with illuminated signs.


Among the historic brick-clad homes and boutiques in Fitler Square, a parking garage that has sat—somewhat out of place—for years, may soon undergo a renovation.

The empty garage, which occupies about half a block on 22nd and Pine, is being considered as a site for the next Goddard School, a private preschool and day care center with locations in the suburbs around Philly, according to Naked Philly.

The school would hold 150 children and around 35 employees, and would likely require adding HVAC equipment to the roof, according to a report from the Philadelphia Free Press.

Plans for the space were discussed during a neighborhood meeting last month, during which neighbors took issue with several aspects of the proposal, including the plan for illuminated signage, according to the Philadelphia Free Press. There were also concerns raised about potential traffic and congestion problems that could come with the building’s new use.

The plan will go in front of the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) this month.

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