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Sleek and minimalist South Street home wants $750K

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The home has three beds and several contemporary style elements.

Gary Schempp

In Philly, South Street is known for its bright, colorful flair. And yet, tucked back in the brick houses that line the iconic street, is this simple and sleek three-bed place, which just came on the market for $750,000.

Okay, so the home at 2040 South Street is several blocks from the nightlife section on the street’s east end, but, being in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, it’s within walking distance to the bars on South and to Rittenhouse Square.

The place has a subtle but distinct style. It opens to a kitchen with stone floors and a wood-lined breakfast nook, with an enclosed private patio out back. The second story has the same sleek style, with hardwood floors and railings, and—as a special bonus—a working fireplace with a mesh curtain built into the wall.

The upstairs floors hold bedrooms that feature frosted glass closets and a patio with views over the neighborhood.

South Street

South Street, , PA