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Eagles victory mural will adorn the Hale building by Broad

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The mural is being painted by Meg Saligman, the same artist responsible for “Bird Feed,” a victory mural that went viral.

Though it’s unlikely Philadelphians will ever forget—or even stop reminiscing about—the Eagles’ historic Super Bowl win of 2018, a planned mural towering over Broad Street ensures it will stay in our minds for years to come.

The 2,500-square-foot mural, which will go up on the side of the Hale Building near Broad and Chestnut, will depict an eagle gripping the Lombardi Trophy, next to the words “World Champions,” according to BillyPenn.

It’s the brainchild of muralist Meg Saligman, who’s responsible for paintings all over the city, including the viral mural “Bird Seed,” which she put up on the side of her studio on South Broad following the Eagles win. That mural, which was temporary and depicted an eagle gripping Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, went viral, prompting Eagles fans to petition for a temporary installment.

This painting, on the Sansom Street side of the Hale Building, which is currently under renovation, will be accompanied by a spotlight and has been officially adopted by the team, Saligman told BillyPenn. She said it should be finished by the NFL season start this Thursday.

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