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Modern Mount Airy stunner asks $895K

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It’s a four-bed place with a number of environmentally friendly touches.

Just on the edge of Fairmount Park, an ultra-modern house offers a minimalist, contemporary interior with environmentally friendly elements for $895,000.

The home at West 1123 Allens Lane, designed by C2 Architecture, is a four-bed, two-bath, place that sits on a half-acre of land. The one-story home offers a modern exterior, with a boxy look, dark wood paneling and barn doors, that contrasts with its sleek and minimalist interior.

The living and kitchen area features all-white walls, low-hanging industrial light fixtures, a concrete floor and nearly floor-to-ceiling windows. There’s even a skylight that closes when it senses rain. The white oak-lined hallway leads into the bedrooms and bathrooms, with a railing looking out over the living space.

“The home has energy recovery ventilation which help significantly lower energy bills, by exchanging the energy of normally exhausted air to precondition incoming outdoor ventilation air,” the seller writes.

The nod to natures carries through to the outside, where the home boasts great views of and access to, the park, as well as a lot of secluded green space.

Fairmount Park

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