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Amtrak open to saving the character of 30th Street flipboard, Boyle says

He says Amtrak may be open to a similar board that fits their requirements

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It’s likely the iconic, clicking flipboard that sits in the middle of 30th Street Station, will get replaced. The question now is, what will take its place?

Pennsylvania Congressman Brendan Boyle is pushing for a similar sign—one with the same iconic sound and look, but one that also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), according to WHYY.

Boyle met with Amtrak officials Monday to discuss the fate of the board and said they’re open to replacing it with a new, similar flipboard by Philly-based company Oat Foundry, the site wrote.

The news is just the latest in a long saga following an announcement by Amtrak in November, when the transit giant said they planned to replace the iconic clicking sign with a new, digital version. Backlash ensued from historians, longtime Philadelphians, and people who just loved the sound and look of the sign when they enter 30th Street.

But despite all the love for the old sign, it’s still outdated. Boyle told reporters this week that the 1970’s flipboard is not ADA friendly—it has small letters and no audible announcements—and it’s deteriorating, according to WHYY.

Amtrak plans to meet with Oat Foundry again this week to go over a proposal for the new sign, Boyle told A representative from the company told the news site that they can make a sign with the same classic sound and style.

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