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Rittenhouse-area condo boasts balcony with antique stone pillars for $450K

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A stunning exterior

Audrey Gallagher

There’s a lot to love about this Ranstead Street condo, but at the top of the list is its stunning stone exterior.

The two-bed, two-bath condo, which just dropped on the market for $449,900, sits at the top floor of a three-story Rittenhouse-area building. It’s tucked snugly between another towering condo complex, and the many historic homes and buildings that dot that area of the city.

The main room of the home is its living area, which has a bay window, a brick fireplace, and circular windows that line the wall.

Then, of course, there’s the door leading out to the stone balcony, with carved pillars and antique, gothic stone archways. It’s not just the balcony that’s a draw here, but the view as well. It looks out over the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, as well as the Center City skyscrapers.

Even though it’s been nearly 15 years since the property was last sold, it’s barely jumped in price. It previously sold in 2004 for $445,000.

There aren’t any open houses coming up for the space, but you can schedule a private tour anytime.

First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

2125 Chestnut Street, , PA 19103 Visit Website