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Philly’s newest ‘invisible service’ hotel aims to capture the Fishtown style

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It’s a six-room boutique hotel

Via Chad Ludeman

The Lokal Hotel chain, which has boutique spots popping up around Philly and southern New Jersey, lives up to its name. Everything, from the designers, to the furniture, to the list of restaurant recommendations found in each room, is local.

And, for the chain’s newest hotel opening on Front Street on January 21, that means everything is geared toward capturing the spirit of Fishtown, according to Chad Ludeman co-owner of Postgreen Homes, the group behind Lokal Hotels.

“We wanted to make it more Fishtown-y,” Ludeman said this week. “A little more gritty, more modern.”

The six-unit hotel, which has two studios and two bi-level suites, is the second the group has opened up in Philly—the Old City spot on the corner of Cherry and Third streets opened nearly two years ago. Both hotels employ the “invisible service” concept, which Ludeman describes the concept as a cross between Airbnb and a high-end boutique hotel. There are no front desks and no on-hand staff; instead, guests check in online and receive a code to the building and to their room. Inside, Ludeman and his wife, co-founder Courtney Ludeman, have curated a field guide to the neighborhood with spots to check out, best places to eat, and more, written from their point of view as locals.

Because that’s what the hotel is really about, Ludeman says: the feeling that the space is all local and the guest is at home.

That’s why, for this Fishtown project, Ludeman brought in Fishtown-based tattoo artists and designers True Hand Society, who designed the interior of the hotel and its rooms. For furniture they also turned to the surrounding neighborhood, Ludeman said. Around 90 percent of the hotel’s pieces are locally made.

To capture the industrial and modern styles present in a lot of Fishtown buildings and homes, Ludeman said they went with a more “Scandinavian modern” design, with black and white matte tile and lots of white oak. The result is a very clean look, with lots of symmetry and subdued colors.

While this spot and the Old City hotel are the only two city hotels the group has planned for now, they are woking on another place in Cape May that they want to have the feeling of a mini beach resort, Ludeman said.

It’s a little over a week before Lokal Hotel: Fishtown opens, but they’ve taking bookings. Studios start at $215 a night, and the top, bi-level places are in the $300s.

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