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The 2019 Mummers Parade in 17 zany, colorful Instagram photos

The annual New Years Day parade is awash with color

Getty Images

Philly’s 100-year-old New Years Day tradition, the Mummers Parade, returned Tuesday in full force.

Embracing the spring-like weather, crowds of Philadelphians took to the streets with costumes, drinks in hand, and plenty of Eagles garb to watch the annual parade down South Broad.

For those new to the city—or who regularly use holiday to sleep in—the Mummers Parade is one of the country’s oldest folk festivals, and a longstanding Philly tradition, drawing around 20,000 viewers and 10,000 participants a year. The Mummers dress in bright costumes, play music, dance, perform skits, and generally entertain onlookers as they travel from City Hall down to Washington Avenue.

Unsurprisingly this year, there were plenty of Gritty references, lots of Eagles costumes, and lots of uproarious music.

So in case you missed the festivities, or you just want to relive them once more before next year, here are 17 of our favorite Instagram photos of the anticipated—and very brightly colored—event.