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In Fishtown, bright trinity-esq home wants $198K

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800 square feet of homey feel

via Homejab

In the growingly popular Fishtown neighborhood, it can be hard to find any home under half a million dollars, let alone a place in the $100,000’s.

That’s where this renovated Memphis Street spot comes in. Located on the edge of Fishtown (but still, a pretty quick five minute drive from Girard Avenue), it offers two beds, one bath, and even an outdoor patio for just shy of $200,000.

And while the price and location are definitely boast-worthy, there’s another cool aspect to this house: It’s very similar to a trinity home.

Trinity homes are a beloved Philly staple, with three floors and usually around 600 square feet of space. Where everyone else has tiny homes, we have trinities.

This spot nearly fits the bill: it has two above-ground stories with 800 square feet of space and that classic boxy, brick exterior. On top of that, the basement offers a ton of open space with a washer and dryer included.


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