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Arctic cold front with freezing temperatures heading Philly’s way

Starting tonight with low temperatures and snow

Courtesy of Tyler Sprague/

For much of the winter so far, Philly’s experienced temperatures in the 40’s and 30’s, and little (if any) snow.

But that’s about to change this week, due a cold front that’s expected to bring freezing—and maybe even sub-zero—temperatures our way.

First, the National Weather Service (NWS) put out a winter weather advisory starting at 4 p.m. today and going until midnight, warning that Philly could expect rain and around one to two inches of snow this evening.

Then, on Wednesday, a strong gust of wind and an arctic cold front is expected to roll through the area, lasting until Monday, according to NWS. The weather will bring below-freezing temperatures that could go as low as 6 and 10 degrees Wednesday and Thursday night, according to NWS.

In anticipation of the bitter cold, the city has implemented Code Blue, which provides outreach and help to homeless people who may be in danger.

AAA also put out a warning about the cold front, urging drivers to be prepared by checking their tire pressure, which often goes down during cold temperatures; getting their batteries checked; and ensuring their tank is full of gas.

“Drivers are more likely to experience dead car batteries or tire pressure issues as the temperature drops, which is why our AAA roadside assistance fleet is preparing for the expected surge in call volume in the coming days,” AAA spokesperson Jana Tidwell said in a statement on the cold front.

The cold front is connected to a much larger—and much scarier—polar vortex that’s battering the midwest this week with record-breaking low temperatures.