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Elegant Old City home offers lots of space at $850K

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It’s a spacious one-bed home

Jonathan Arena

Showcasing a mix of contemporary and classic, with tons of bookshelves and light, industrial details and rustic beams, this Old City home offers a lot for just shy of $840,000.

Don’t be surprised by the number of bedrooms (only one) and baths (one and a half) this Church Street Spot, which just came on the market, has 2,181 square feet of space, and most of it is in the living and dining rooms, and the kitchen.

The front door opens to a bright living room with hardwood floors, painted brick, and a working fireplace that just screams “old Philly.”

But it’s different when you get to the kitchen, which has a much more industrial, factory feel—fitting, as the home is actually a converted warehouse. In addition to lots of counter space, a wet bar, and a kitchen island, it has funky, contemporary light fixtures.

The whole home is one story, and the further back you go, the more you find. Behind a big barn door, there’s more to the space, including an office with a long, built-in desk. Another living room sits behind that and, in the very back, the bedroom area. All three rooms are connected via partial walls, shelves, and exposed, rustic beams that run through the space.

The home has undergone a small price jump since it last sold for $775,000 in 2014.

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