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In Roxborough, 19th-century Queen Anne Victorian country home wants $450K

It’s sunny and bright

Tucked away in the trees off a quiet street in Roxborough, sits this charming, 1888-built country home that wants $449,900.

It’s tempting to call the three-bed, one-bath home a cottage because of its stone, rustic aesthetic and antique light fixtures, but the home actually offers far more space than a cottage would; a grand 2,800 square feet of space, in fact.

The exterior of the home mixes a gabled roof and turret with the stone facade of the first floor—all a great example of the Queen Anne Victorian homes which were popular around the turn of the century.

Inside, it’s just as charming, with a living room that has hardwood floors and a wood stove, as well as a bright covered porch. In the back, a sunny kitchen gives way to a back room with painted stone walls and worn hardwood floors.

The home sits on a half-acre of space and the price has gone down by over $40,000 since it first came on the market in September.