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In Graduate Hospital, bright home with three-story atrium wants $1.4M

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Three beds and four baths

Gary Schempp

Philly homes have an array of interesting design details, from the ever-popular exposed brick and heating ducts in contemporary spots, to stained glass windows in repurposed churches.

But one of the most interesting recent trends we’ve come across is homes with an atrium— specifically one spanning several floors—and that’s what this Graduate Hospital space offers.

It’s a three-bed, 3.5-bath space and, like this East Falls home that listed just two months ago, it offers a complete, three-story atrium.

Built in 2012, the whole South 19th Street house is designed around that atrium. On the first floor, the kitchen and first dining room sit on one side of the space, while the living room sits on the other. The atrium itself holds a second dining area with a stone wall—presumably to create the feeling that you’re outside while dining indoors.

Sun from the skylight overhead carries down the three stories, spilling out into the bedrooms on the upstairs floors, all of which look out over the atrium in the middle. As a special bonus, a spiral staircase on the third floor leads up to a roof deck—with some killer good views—above.

While the atrium takes center stage, there’s a lot of other things to love about this place, like its garage parking, or the marble countertops on the downstairs kitchen, or its 4,500 square feet of space.

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, there’s an open house Sunday from noon to 2 p.m.