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Cheery Fairmount rowhome has lots of light for $390K

It’s a two-bed, one-bath spot

Tim Schultz, Bright House Creative Partners

For this bright Fairmount rowhome, which just came on the market for $389,000, the devil is in the details.

Details like the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, or the decorative, hardwood-lined shelf in the living room. Even the unseen aspects of the home offer something a little different—the lights, security system, and thermostat are all Google and Amazon Alexa-compatible.

The two-bed, one-bath home has also undergone some renovations which included getting an entirely new roof. It offers 960 square feet of space, and was built in 1929.

The spot has seen a slight price hike since it last sold nearly three years ago for $285,000.


, , PA 19130