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New initiative aims to bring 200 more trees to Center City

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Thanks in part to a donation from residents

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Photos by Melissa Romero

Center City may be getting a lot greener in the next few years, thanks to a new Center City District (CCD) initiative and a generous donation from residents.

The CCD announced last week that they’re launching the “Plant Center City,” program, which aims to bring 200 more trees to Center City over the next two years. The program kicked off in late January with a fundraiser held by two Center City residents, which raised $55,000 for the initiative, according to a statement from the CCD.

They aim to start this spring by planting trees that are native to the area—like oak, cypress, sycamore and hornbeam—and that reach 12 to 14 feet tall.

The donation will cover the first batch of trees but there’s still a long way to go before they reach their goal. It costs around $2,500 to plant a new tree, which includes the cost of excavation, planting, and longterm maintenance, the CCD said. They plan to rely primarily on donations and gifts for the remaining trees; anyone who wants to help out can “adopt” a tree for just over $1,200.

“Research studies on the effects of urban greening have consistently shown that trees offer many measurable and dramatic improvements to cities,” the CCD wrote.

“They can decrease urban air temperatures, reducing air conditioning bills for homes and businesses; they absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants, making the air healthier; they add value to adjacent homes and businesses; and they increase pedestrian safety by calming traffic and reducing speeds.”

If the program meets their goal, it would bring the total number of trees in Center City to 2,500.

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