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Renovated Fairmount home has plenty of glamour for $400K

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It’s a two-bed spot

High ceilings, recent renovations, and a 10-foot gold mirror are just some of the draws for this Green Street home, which recently came on the market for just shy of $400,000.

The exterior of the two-bed, two-bath home has some great curb appeal, with a mahogany, black first floor facade. Inside, it opens up to a large main room with an open floor plan, high ceilings, and that ornate gold mirror (which stretches nearly from floor to ceiling).

The main bedroom features a repurposed wood wall on one side and exposed brick on the other, along with access to a small outdoor space—just enough room for a grill.

The whole building underwent a massive renovation project in 2014 and despite that, the price increase over the last four years hasn’t been that massive. It last sold for $332,000 in 2014.