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Stunning drone photos show new Comcast Technology Center from above

At dizzying heights

The glossy, $1.5 billion Comcast Technology Center is easily one of Philly’s most anticipated recent projects—and now you can get an up-close and personal look.

Christopher Kao, a FAA Part 107 certified commercial drone pilot, recently took his drone to the skies to check out the new, nearly completed, space. The result is some rare, close-up photos of the long-awaited structure.

After breaking ground in 2014, the impressive, 60-story high rise started wrapping up at the end of last year, when workers completed the mostly glass facade. They’re still finishing parts of the interior, with plans to complete the building officially this spring or summer.

The structure is now Philly’s tallest building (and the 9th tallest in the country), bringing office space for Comcast employees, as well as a luxury Four Seasons hotel on the top floors, complete with a high-end restaurant on the very final floor.

You can see the outside of the restaurant from Kao’s pictures of the top floor, which shows that the Four Seasons spot is covered in glass, with 360-degree views of the city.

Kao’s photos also show some of the surrounding buildings and views from above, giving a sense of what you could see from the 60-story high rise.

Comcast Technology Center

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