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Midcentury, glass-box gem in Huntingdon Valley wants $740K

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A three-bed, two-bath space

Deep in Huntingdon Valley, a midcentury modern gem with wall-to-wall windows and over three acres of land, just came on the market for $740,000.

Located right next to Lorimer Park, the home is a classic example of the popular “glass-box” style. Much of the living space is located in one main floor, which has high ceilings and walls of windows that both let in light, and connect the interior of the home to its lush surroundings.

It’s a three-bed, two-bath place, with stone floors in the common areas; panoramic views, an a lower level that features office space, additional bedroom space, and connection to a swimming pool in the back of the house.

The home sits at the end of a long, quiet street off 1365 Old Ford Road, and offers over 3,000 square feet of living space. If you’re eager to learn more, there’s an open house Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m.