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How affordable is buying a home in Philly versus the rest of the country?

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A new study says Philly is right in the middle

A series of brick rowhomes in Philadelphia with a view of the Center City skyline in the background. Courtesy of

A study examining the least and most affordable cities in terms of home buying puts Philly squarely in the middle.

The report, which was put together by housing data site RealtyHop, compiled data on average house prices, property taxes, and median household income, and compared various major U.S. cities based on the data.

Philly, which has an average house price of $200,000, and an average household income of $40,000, was ranked 59th most costly.

Cities taking the top five spots were Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Oakland. Pittsburgh, which has an average house price of $194,000, comes in just a few spots after Philly.