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Inside the AKA Rittenhouse hotel’s $10M renovations

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Take a look inside

The AKA Rittenhouse Square hotel has a sleek new look.

Thanks to a $10 million renovation, the 12-story building has been transformed, offering weekly and monthly stays in the ritzy neighborhood. The renovations, done by the partnership of Stanev Potts Architects and AKA, were unveiled Tuesday.

The new space at 18th and Walnut includes rooms with a grey interior, Sferra bedding, room darkening drapes, marble bathrooms, and custom artwork throughout. There’s a “reverse penthouse” with a tree-line view of the park on the second floor; a private library; a cinema with reclining leather seats; laundry; and an 18-person boardroom. There’s also a salon and a fitness center.

AKA Rittenhouse Square will now feature a 100-square-foot blackened steel canopy. The addition to the building’s facade was designed-to-scale to complement an existing two-story limestone entry portico, built in the 1930s,” according to a statement on the renovations.

Philly Business Journal first broke the story on the $10 million renovations last summer, saying that AKA hoped to create a “vertical neighborhood” with the project.

Check out photos of the new space below:


135 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

AKA Rittenhouse Square

135 South 18th Street, , PA 19103 Visit Website