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Open Thread: Which spaces should we make public?

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Following the lead of Reading Terminal Market

A plan for the public space on Filbert Street.

Last week Reading Terminal Market announced that a block of Filbert Street, just outside the market, would be turned into public space.

The block will see dining-friendly streets, pop-up retail kiosks, and art installations. It will become a temporary public space, still open to cars, but shut off during special and seasonal events.

Even when the street is being used by cars, the wider sidewalks and other features of the plan ensure that it will be more pedestrian-friendly.

The project was inspired by other public spaces in the city, including Spruce Street Harbor Park and Dilworth Park.

And it got us thinking: What other areas of the city should be reconstructed as temporary or permanent public spaces? Is there a side street that you’d like to see shut down and made pedestrian-only in certain times of the year? Is there a large area (vacant or not) that you think would really benefit from a public space?

Let us know in the comments.

Dilworth Park

1 South 15th Street, , PA 19102 Visit Website

Reading Terminal Market

51 North 12th Street, , PA 19107 Visit Website