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Open Thread: What are your tricks for getting to the shore in the summer?

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No summer in Philly would be complete without a trip “down the shore.”

From the gorgeous beaches and activity-filled boardwalks, to the stunning Victorian architecture lining Cape May’s shores, those vacations to the shore are something you wait for all year round.

And yet, since it’s such an incredibly popular summer destination—especially around Memorial Day—those long stretches of I-76 and I-95 are always packed on the warm weekends. Not to mention, when you get there, parking can be near to impossible on a busier weekend.

Luckily, NJ Transit just reopened their Philly—Atlantic City line, but we’re willing to bet that will be full during a hot July Friday, too.

So we want your thoughts, native (and even newer) Philadelphians: What’s the best way to go down the shore in the summer and beat the crowds? Maybe you leave Thursday night, or get up really, really early on a Friday. Do you prefer the train or by car? And when you get there, what are your tips for finding a good parking space? Is it best to avoid I-95 altogether?

Let us know in the comments!

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