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The Oval+ announces 2019 opening date

From July through August

Albert Yee

The beloved Oval+ installation, which transforms part of the parkway and surrounding areas into public space, art installations, and eateries, is returning next month.

The temporary park/installation will open for four weeks starting July 19 and running through August 18. Hosted by the Fairmount Parks Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, the Oval+ will bring entertainment, lounging, and eating to the parkway just east of Eakins Oval.

This year’s installation includes three main themes:

  • Make: a section in front of the Barnes museum, which includes reading rooms, and a shipping container transformed into a spot for art and design activities
  • Hear: a block in front of the Rodin, which will feature art installations, seating, and a double-decker bus that will provide both live music and snacks.
  • Play: A spot in front of the Von Colln Park, which will have a pop-up basketball court, tetherball, badminton, ping pong, and bleachers.

“The seventh year of The Oval+ is going to bring even more family-friendly and free events and activities to Philadelphians and visitors alike,” Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement.

The rest of the installation will include some seasonal favorites, like the ribbon garden, spray garden, and giant sandbox, along with food and beer trucks.

There are some tentative road closures involved in the event:

From July 5 to August 25, traffic will be closed on the north side of the parkway from 20th to Art Museum Drive. Vine Street traffic will be directed to the parkway’s inner lanes.

Eakins Oval

Eakins Oval, Philadelphia, PA 19104


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