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Six-story residential project planned for Passyunk and Washington

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It’s designed with industrial features in mind

Photos, Ambit Architecture

Over the past few years the western parts of Washington Avenue have been undergoing a residential construction boom.

Now, one project is looking further east, with a six-story, mostly residential development at Passyunk and Washington.

The 1100 East Passyunk project, called Market House, will have 39 residential units—ranging from one to two-bed apartments—along with ground-floor retail and 15 bike spaces, according to building permits pulled Monday. There is no parking included in the project. The plan is a joint effort between owner/developers 8th and Passyunk Development, and designers Ambit Architecture.

The building will sit on a triangular plot of land surrounded by Passyunk, Washington and 8th Street, which is now an empty lot.

It’s reminiscent of the industrial character and history of Washington Avenue, says Rich Villa, a partner with Ambit Architecture. The facade has blended grey brick, tall windows, and a first floor with an overhang and wall-to-wall glass. There’s a triangular courtyard in the center of the building and another on the southern exterior.

The design is meant to be like an industrial warehouse, one that rises above the surrounding residential buildings.

“It sits proudly on Washington,” Villa said, adding that he got inspiration from older buildings around the city, like warehouses, factories, and schools.