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Bright and cheery Society Hill spot wants $1.95M

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It’s a four-bed, 3.5-bath place

Courtesy Joe Ramoni, Atacan Group

Amid the old colonial homes that line Society Hill, there are a few contemporary gems. One of them is this spot at 218 Gaskill Street, which just came on the market for $1,950,000.

The four-bed, 3.5-bath home was built just over a decade ago and features a bright and cheery interior, with tons of lights (many of which have contemporary, unique designs), and large windows. The first floor features a private deck, while the second floor has a spacious wood kitchen, dining area and outdoor deck. The bedrooms are split between the third and fourth floors.

One big draw (for Philadelphians who commute, at least) is the private, two-car garage included in the home.