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In Cherry Hill, midcentury gem by Malcolm Wells wants $380K

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It’s got two beds and two baths

In what may come as a surprise to some (unless you read Curbed Philly’s modernism guide this spring) the Philly area actually has a wealth of modern architecture, from ranch homes in the ‘burbs to brutalist structures downtown.

And there are some must-know architects who helped bring the popular style our way. One of these is Malcolm Wells.

Known for designing ranch style midcentury pieces in and around Cherry Hill, New Jersey in the early 1950s, Wells is occasionally referred to as the father of “earth-sheltered environments” for his focus on honoring the surrounding natural landscape in his homes.

One of pieces, which just came on the market for $379,900, is a near perfect example of Wells’ work. The two-bed, two-bath home at 1236 South Kay Drive has an asymmetric fireplace, and a mix of wood, stone, and carpet flooring. Wall-to-wall windows connect the home’s interior with the surrounding landscape, and mix of hardwood paneling and stone furthers the nature-focused feeling throughout the home.

The place is 1,800 square feet large and needs a little fix-up work, as much of it has remained unchanged since its construction in the early 1950s. There’s a two-car garage on site.

Realtor Robert Fargo of BHHS Fox Roach, who’s showing the home, says he fell in love with the place. He hopes that it will go to a preservation-minded buyer, who’s eager to keep Wells’ legacy alive.