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Airport line, other Regional Rail lines to be disrupted during SEPTA repairs

The repairs focus on the area between 30th and University City stations

Passengers boarding a SEPTA train in Philadelphia
Passengers boarding a SEPTA train in Philadelphia
Gregory Adams/Getty Images

A two-week-long rebuilding project will disrupt three major Regional Rail lines starting this weekend, SEPTA says.

The project, called the Southwest Connection Improvement Program, will see the rebuild of the mainline infrastructure under the Media/Elwyn line, between 30th Street Station and the Arsenal Interlocking, which is just below the University City station. That portion of the Regional Rail services the Media/Elwyn Line, the Airport Line, and the Wilmington/Newark Line, which will all be affected by the project starting July 20.

From the start of the project this Saturday through August 4, the Airport Line won’t operate, though there will be buses that passengers can take instead.

The Media/Elwyn line will run on a special schedule between Elwyn and 49th Street, and the only way to get into and from the city after 49th Street will be via shuttle bus.

Finally, the Newark-30th Street line will still be in effect, but the line won’t operate to or from University City, Suburban, Jefferson, or Temple stations, SEPTA says. Riders can find alternative transportation here.

“During construction, crews will reconfigure and replace interlockings, replace overhead catenary system structures and upgrade retaining walls, among other tasks,” the transit agency said in a statement this week.


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