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DNC 2016

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The 18 top places that presidents have visited in Philly

Here are more than a dozen places that presidents have visited in Philadelphia over this country's history, from the tavern where George Washington used to sit back with a drink to the historic hotel where Abraham Lincoln once delivered a speech.

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Mapping Shay the alpaca sightings during the DNC

What was the best or worst part about the DNC in Philly?

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, a new series wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, etc. Have something you want discussed? Let us know.

Why are there huge Parcheesi pieces at this DNC protest site?

There have been some unusual sights at Thomas Paine Plaza, one of the main protest sites during the DNC in Philadelphia. But what's with the huge Monopoly and Parcheesi pieces?

Watch hundreds of cyclists cruise down Broad Street for DNC event

Hundreds of cyclists cruised down Broad Street to the Wells Fargo Center last night as part of a peaceful, non-protest event during the Democratic National Convention.

Online game created by local kids celebrates Philly architecture

Fresh Artists, a local art program, has just launched an online game called Silly City, featuring students' artwork interpreting the iconic architecture of Philadelphia, from the art museum to the Barnes Foundation to Boathouse Row.

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16 things to do during the DNC even if you're not going to the DNC

Just because you won't be at the actual convention doesn't mean there won't be anything to do around town. All of these events are DNC-themed and are taking place all week from July 24 to 29.

Petition: Keep parking ban on South Broad after the DNC

As of this morning, almost 500 people had signed an online petition calling for the City of Philadelphia to continue enforcing parking rules on South Broad Street after the Democratic National Convention.

Looking back at Philly’s 5 most significant protest sites

Most of the coverage have featured protests with Broad Street and City Hall being the main spectacles. But like with most big cities, multiple sites in Philadelphia have a long history of being home to significant protests, riots, and rallies.

Photos capture protests that took over Philly yesterday

Yesterday marked the start of the Democratic National Convention in Philly, and the city was abuzz—and ridiculously humid—with activity, protests, and marches. Here are some of the best snapshots and a video of yesterday's events.

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Mapping the protest and rally locations during the DNC

Up to 50,000 protestors are expected to march in and around Philly during the Democratic National Convention. Here are 15-plus protests, rallies, and marches taking place every day—all mapped.

Use these helpful apps to navigate Philly during the DNC

Here are four apps and websites that will make your life a little easier this week, from Parkadelphia, the website that tells you everything you need to know about parking in the city to the official DNC app that’s a one-stop shop for the whole week.

Philly landmarks light up red, white, and blue for DNC

Three local landmarks—City Hall, 30th Street Station, and Boathouse Row—debuted their new patriotic looks this weekend ahead of the Democratic National Convention this week. See their before-and-after looks.

Map shows where Democrats, Republicans rent and buy in Philly

Philadelphia is just one "geological silo" that’s popped up across the country in the last 20 years, with more Republicans than Democrats owning homes and liberals opting to live in the city versus the ‘burbs. Does your zip code bleed blue or red?

Say what's on your mind during the DNC in the Truth Booth

The Truth Booth is coming to Philadelphia next week, setting up shop in multiple locations including Eakins Oval on July 26, Independence National Historical Park on the 27, and 8th and Diamond Recreation Center on the 28.

4 super last-minute rentals available during the DNC

Considering a last-minute trip to the Democratic National Convention here in Philly next week? ever fear: We’ve rounded up four super last-minute rentals still available from July 24 to 29. Fair warning: These don't come cheap.

Bookmark this traffic website during the DNC

The city and state have already announced the road closures and security perimeters ahead of the Democratic National Convention, but before you hit the road you’ll want to bookmark this helpful website that PennDOT recently launched.

These are the road restrictions during the DNC

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has released the planned road restrictions around Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention, which will run from July 23 to 28. Here’s what you need to know.

5 last-minute rentals still up for grabs during the DNC

If you haven’t snagged a hotel room or a rental for the week, there are still some places up for grabs. These five rentals are close to the Broad Street Line. But fair warning: They’ll cost you.

South Broad will look very colorful during the DNC

The Mural Arts program announced yesterday that it will paint a long stretch of South Broad in time for the Democratic National Convention in July. The mural will take up 14 blocks and will take about a month to install.

10,660 ways Philly will look different during the DNC

It’s less than two months until Philly welcomes the Democratic National Convention from July 25 to 28. That means this city is in the middle of some major makeovers to make sure Philly looks good in the spotlight.