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26 best things to do in Philly

Now is the perfect time to take in Philly’s gardens, museums, cemeteries, and outdoor art.

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10 Philly landmarks designed by Paul Philippe Cret

From Rittenhouse Square to the Rodin Museum, many Philly landmarks are tied to the French architect

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Here’s where to watch and play bocce this summer

It may not have originated here, but bocce ball is an extremely popular Philly activity.

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Philly's Most Beautiful Alleys

From the tree-lined, cobblestone Quince Street to the English Village on St. James Place, there are plenty of lovely alleys hidden throughout Philadelphia.

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Here's a map of places you should go splash in this summer

There are more splash pads to cool down in Philly than just pools, and Curbed Philly's put together a list of the best of them for you. So grab a towel, the kids, and head on out. It's only gonna get hotter.

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Mapping the development boom along the Schuylkill River

There have been a lot of changes in the past few years

New city data set brings two decades of property records to one place

Records on property transactions are available

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9 Stunning workout spaces in philly

These nine iconic spaces in Philadelphia are hosting workouts this spring—and many of them are free.

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Philly’s top 10 places to cry in public

Perfect for both exhibitionist criers and meek weepers alike, we’ve compiled a list of public spots to let out a good wail from the chaotic comfort of Reading Terminal Market to the private solace in the depths of the Navy Yard.

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9 things to do in Philly for Memorial Day weekend 2018

From boating and beer, to history and culture, here’s everything you can do this weekend.

How much litter does your Philly block produce? This new map will tell you

Now, a new interactive map lets you see just how much trash and litter your neighborhood has, just by entering your address.

These Philly neighborhoods are underserved by transit, map shows

According to an interactive map called Gap Finder, about 16 percent of Philadelphia households are underserved by public transit.

New map reveals Philly’s favorite running, cycling routes

A new map published by fitness tracker Strava offers a fascinating peek into how and where people exercise all over the world, including right here in Philly.

This map reveals stress levels for biking in Philly and beyond

Biking through any city can be nerve-racking. Now, a new map reveals exactly how stressful it is to bike in Philly and beyond.

Philly’s new online Atlas tool compiles all property data into one place

Atlas, the City of Philadelphia’s new online mapping tool, provides deeds, 311 info, and historic images of properties all in one place.

You can now explore Philly’s parks and trails via Google Street View

Philly is the first city to partner with the Google Street View Trekker Project, which allowed the documentation of some 400 miles of trails, plus sites and attractions.

New report reveals where Philly is growing and where it’s not

A Next City analysis highlights the progress in Philly’s 55 neighborhoods over the course of five years.

New report reveals development potential of Philly’s vacant industrial land

Plus: The top five zip codes with the most industrial land available

The state of Philly’s housing market, in five charts

Pew’s latest report reveals some eye-popping stats about housing in Philly.

New map reveals noise levels of Philly and beyond

How noisy is your neighborhood? This new map can tell you down to the decibel level.

See Philly change from up above in this 32-year timelapse

Google Earth Engine has launched an interactive timelapse that pieces together 5 million satellite images around the world, including Philly from 1984 to today.

Report: Philly buildings with character are good for jobs, diversity

Plus: An interactive map that reveals your neighborhood’s character, median age of buildings, historic landmarks, and more.

New interactive visualizes where Philly bikes by Indego

A new interactive created by a local consultant visualizes where Indego bikeshare users ride their bike, the most popular routes, and more.

Map: Where in Philly did Trump do best on election night?

Although Philadelphia voted overwhelming for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, Donald Trump did win two wards and performed well in others, as well.

Watch this timelapse of demolitions and new construction in Philly since 2003

The timelapse map pinpoints where demolition and new construction permits have been issued from August 2003 through October 2016.

Bookmark this helpful map of bike lanes and stations during the SEPTA strike

The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia is encouraging people to "bike the strike" during the SEPTA strike. They’ve put together a helpful map to make the commute a little easier.

Old map reveals how housing discrimination happened in Philly

Local real estate experts described certain neighborhoods as "best" or "hazardous," typically based on the neighborhood’s racial makeup in a discriminatory process called redlining.

Map: Best places to see fall foliage near Philly this week

For everyone who’s excited for sweater weather and fall foliage, definitely bookmark this map that reveals when and where fall foliage in Pennsylvania is expected to peak.

Exploring West Shore, Philly’s smallest neighborhood

Welcome to West Shore. Despite its name, it’s not a beach town in Orange County. It’s the smallest neighborhood in Philadelphia that sits right on the edge of the Schuylkill River.

Park(ing) Day Philadelphia: Where you can find 50+ mini parks

Park(ing) Day, one of the coolest annual events in Philly, returns today when dozens of parking spots will be transformed into mini parks. Here’s a regularly updated map with all of the participating parklets.

Map reveals which Philly neighborhoods are most prone to severe crashes

The coalition and Azavea released this week an updated map highlighting major and fatal crashes in Philadelphia, and the 7th District came out on top. But there’s a twist.

New Philly Bike Map reveals every bike path, Indego station, and suggested connections

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission has released its new and improved 2016 Philadelphia Bike Map, revealing every bike lane, Indego bikeshare station, and sharrow throughout the city.

Cool Map Visualizes Daily Commute Flows in Philly

The ACS Commute Map is a cool new map that visualizes how many people commute in and out of Philadelphia each day. Plus: You can see what routes commuters are taking to get to work.

Parkadelphia: The Parking Map You've Always Wanted

If you haven't already heard of Parkadelphia, get thee to a computer/smart phone/tablet and bookmark it now. The life-saving (really!) app has everything you need to know about parking in Philly.

See How Much Philly Has Grown Since the 1940s

One look at all of the cranes dotting Philly's skyline makes it clear that the city is in the middle of a building boom. Yet a new report reveals that Philadelphia's expansion rate has actually decreased significantly over the past 50 or so years.

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14 Cultural Institutions Undergoing Renovations

Philly's ongoing building boom doesn't only include luxury high-rises and skyscrapers. Plenty of the city's cultural institutions are currently under construction, from historic hotels to iconic museums to 21st century libraries.

Report: Philly's Poverty Problem Isn't Going Away

And a recent report by City Observatory reveals that concentrated poverty in Philly and across the country is spreading. Neighborhoods with a poverty rate double the national average in 1970 stayed poor 75 percent of the time through 2010.

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15 Beautiful Homes of Fairmount Park's Past

Before Fairmount Park became the green goliath it is today, much of its land was privately owned and served as a summer oasis for well-to-do Philadelphians. Here are 15 beautiful homes from that era that still stand today.

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Map: 6 Churches for Sale in Philadelphia

All across the country there are sacred spaces with for sale signs tacked onto their doors. Here, we've compiled a list of places of worship that are up for sale in Philly, from a $3 million church to a quaint little chapel.