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Philadelphia Open Thread

Open Thread: What would you like to see at Graffiti Pier?

A beloved Philly fixture is becoming a park

Open Thread: Which spaces should we make public?

Following the lead of Reading Terminal Market, what other public spaces would you like to see?

Open Thread: What are your tricks for getting to the shore in the summer?

Give us the 411

Open Thread: How can Philly become more bike-friendly?

Weigh in below

Open Thread: How will a new development affect the Italian Market?

Weigh in

Open Thread: What amenities should we see in our parks?

A recent debate over a Dilworth Park Starbucks got us thinking

Open Thread: How should Philly address the property assessment problem?

After several major changes in the past few months, we want your thoughts

Open Thread: What would your ideal Philly subway system look like?

Tell us what you’d like to see

Open Thread: What do you think of Kensington’s development growth?

Tell us in the comments

Open Thread: Tell us your development wish list for 2019

What projects do you hope to see? What city initiatives?

Open Thread: Tell us your thoughts on the ‘good cause’ bill

The bill was unanimously passed Thursday

Open Thread: Tell us your thoughts on the Callowhill storage facility project

Is this the right space for the facility?

Open Thread: How can Philly combat its litter problem?

Tired of being "filthadelphia"

Open Thread: Tell us your thoughts on Vision Zero’s one year report

The city released a report on Vision Zero this week

Open Thread: Tell us what you think of the city’s transit plan

The plan was introduced Wednesday morning

Open Thread: How can the city fight congestion?

City officials announced plans Thursday to combat congestion in Center City—and we want your thoughts

Open Thread: What do you think of the affordable housing compromise?

The agreement will take the place of a controversial one percent construction tax bill.

Open Thread: How do we keep our transit system pest-free?

After possible bed bugs were found on buses this week, we want your opinion on SEPTA’s cleanliness.

Open Thread: What do you think of the trash can ads?

This summer, ad space was sold on trash cans around Philly, and some people objected.

Open Thread: How would electric scooters come to Philly?

As the debate over dockless electric scooters rages on in the west coast, we want to know how you think they would work in our city.

Open Thread: Tell us your thoughts on the new block party permit policy

In order to get a permit, you’ll have to go through your local police department first.

Open Thread: What do you think of SEPTA’s new Key card measures?

From doing away with the token, to letting some Regional Rail riders use the Key card, there have been a lot of changes this summer.

Open Thread: What do you want to see from Cherry Street Pier?

Tell us what you hope the public space project will provide.

Open Thread: Should Made In America stay on the Parkway?

Following a meeting with the mayor and Roc Nation reps this week, the festival will stay. But we want to hear your thoughts.

Open Thread: What do you want to see from Oval+ this year?

Tell us what you’re eager to see improved about the space this year.

Which are the most underrated buildings in Philadelphia?

Not every building can be a major high-rise. Not every building can be so hideous or so beautiful as to spark a decades-long conversation. Nevertheless.

What do you love most about Philadelphia?

Spring is almost here and with its formal arrival later this month will come a lot more outdoors time and a lot more interaction with the built environment and the streetscape. That leads us to our latest open thread.

What are you paying in rent in Philly?

A recent report showed the median one-bedroom rent in the Philadelphia area was up just 2.2 percent from winter 2017, and the median for two-bedrooms was flat. Philly still remains one of the nation’s 20 most expensive rental markets, however.

Open thread: How much did you pay for your first Philly home?

With talks of Philly’s hot housing market, let’s see how much real estate has changed over time.

Amazon HQ2: How do you really feel about Philly’s bid?

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, and more. Have something you want discussed? Let us know. This week’s topic: Philly’s bid for Amazon HQ2.

Describe the Philly transportation project you’d most like to see built

For this week’s Open Thread, we want to know what’s on your transportation wish list, no matter how unrealistic they may be.

Philly wants to bring Amazon’s HQ here. But where?

Mayor Jim Kenney is in. But where should the online retailer set up shop?

The Rizzo statue: Should it stay or should it go?

Should it stay or should it go? Here’s a recap of city officials and residents’ reactions to the Frank L. Rizzo Monument in light of the events in Charlottesville.

Poll: Which major Philly project needs to happen most?

City-altering proposals are popping up left and right, but which is the most crucial concept for Philly?

South Broad median parking debate: Here’s what people think about it

Philly residents have a lot to say on the topic.

How would you sum up Philly’s real estate market?

Philly’s real estate market is in another league today than it has been in years. So how would you describe it?

Poll: Where do you stand in the South Broad median parking debate?

An activist group has filed a lawsuit over the long-standing tradition of parking in the middle of South Broad. What do you think should happen?

How Philly’s rents have changed from 1968 to today

We asked, you answered: From $100 a month for a University City apartment to $1,500, here’s how much rent readers paid at their first apartments in Philly.

Open Thread: What are Philly’s most iconic buildings?

We want to know what buildings in Philly are considered iconic. Share your suggestions for a forthcoming article!